About mediadogs

mediadogs is a comfortably loose collective producing quality music and artistic resources from ourselves and like-minded friends.  Founded by long-time musical partners Gordon Harvey and Tom MacGregor, we now house a stable of musicians and other artists sharing their varying disciplines in always creative ways. 

We have begun dripfeeding the hungry public a series of compilation albums as well as full albums from our contributors. 

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Some of our collaborators 

Christine Sullivan - vocals
Tony Buchanan - alto and soprano sax, alto and concert flute
Niko Schauble - drums, percussion
Adam Simmons - flute, contra-alto and soprano clarinet, shakuhachi
Vinod Prasanna - bansuri
Daniel Farrugia - drums
Lucy Belfrage - oboe
Simone Gill - vocals
Lisa Schouw - vocals
Don Porter - electric guitar
Barnaby Gold - drums, percussion
Alexander Nettelbeck - piano and keyboards
Imogen Manins - cello
Gérard Vandenbrocque - violin
Invictus Quartet - strings