Aquiline - In Memory

After You    4:53 Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist 

Before the Fire    5:37   Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist 

Weight of Water    6:24  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist 

I will Wait    5:41  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist/Lisa Schouw 

Camera Lucida    5:33  Gordon Harvey 

Leaf and Limb    5:00  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist 

Nightjar     5:54  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist

Distant Still    5:25  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist

Arm in Arm    5:27  Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist 

Promising     4:18 Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist/Simone Gill 

Kindness 1     5:23 Gordon Harvey/Robin Gist

Awake     5:01 Gordon Harvey


Produced by Gordon Harvey 

Recorded at Aquiline Studio, Tone Master Productions, Pughouse Studio, New Village Studios and elsewhere 

Mixed and mastered by Robin Gist 

Tone Master Productions


In memory of Lisa Schouw

Gordon Harvey: piano, keyboards, bass guitar, double bass, high bass (8), percussion, guitar (4,10), backing vocals 

Robin Gist: guitars (1-4, 5-11) 

Tash Weatherill: vocal (3, 6, 12) 

Kristin Berardi; vocal (1, 8) 

Lisa Schouw: vocal (4) 

Christine Sullivan: vocal (2) 

Simone Gill: vocal (10) 

Celia Moriarty: backing vocal (10) 

Tony Buchanan: alto sax (1, 3, 10) 

Max Harvey: alto sax (1, 7) 

Callum Mintzis: trombone (6, 7, 11) 

Jeremy Meaden: flugelhorn (1) 

Steph O’Hara: violin (5) 

Sophie Dunn: violin (5) 

Biddy Connor: viola (5) 

Imogen Manins: cello (2, 5) 

Niko Schäuble: drums (1, 7, 8, 11) 

Joseph Batrouney: drums, udu (3, 6, 9, 10) 

Daniel Farrugia: drums (2, 5) 

Tom MacGregor: trains (12)


Where You Stand

Where you stand
Doesn’t count for nothing
Where you stand
Where you draw the line
Just so I see where you stand
There’s a light ahead
Talking to yourself
It won’t pass for leaping from the shelf
A look becomes a lie
All that you deny
Draws the shades behind your eyes
So can’t you
Tell me what you'd say
Before you give yourself away
Where you stand
We can’t wait forever
Where I stand
There’s a place for you
Count up the lines in your hand
They’re the roads you’re on
Would you take the ride
To where our journeys coincide
You hear the boarding call
The way the story plays out it’s
Time to take the fall
So why don’t you 
See me in that way
You can’t just wish these words away

Falling Dream

Out of everything
You can name
There is a shape
You retain
I stretch my hand
To reach a star
Next thing I know
I freefall
I'm falling with you
On my way down I hear your laughter
You tell me something  
I can’t hear
Did I forget
What brought me here
Those words that take me back to you
Those words that bring me back to you

There is a place
Where you hide away
You find someone to blame
There is a space
Where you make a circle
You give yourself a name
You can hear the stars
Calling out to you
From a square of sky
Just past knowing
Unspoken words
And if you heed the call
I will be there for you

No Other Light
I'll stand in shallow water and welcome the sun
I'll drink to the moon when the day is done
There is no other light that shines on me 
You're staring me down but I still can see
And it feels like I'm breaking ground
Like it's starting to turn around
I'm going all in
After a lifetime of dealing out 
But there's a wind that's blowing through the shroud
And I hear my own voice calling out aloud
And if it came down to you
Would you go
Would you go
I've got a book of salutations and I'm working through the list
But I know you've always waited for the things I missed
You stand your ground till I stop running round
So spare me a kiss as I pass through your town
But it feels like I'm breaking ground
And though you never tried to bring me round
I'm here to let you know
That I'm hoping you'll still be round
And it doesn't matter where this river takes you
And though I don't believe there's anyone with stakes in you
I do think
Grace will follow you
Do you know 
Do you know
Having Grown
Out of the Clouds
Enters a miracle child
Too dark for sunlight
There's a storm in his smile
And he's worn like stones
In your shoe
And they're bruising bones
But you just can't walk away 
As he steps into the day
On his own
Out of the shade
One unaccompanied flight
Too great to fade
He is etched with insight
And he's worn like shoes
Over stone
Though his bones are bruised
You just can't walk away
As he steps into the day
Having grown

The Colour of Gold
The rain it tries to relieve
But oh the smoke finds its way through
The dirt is permanent residue
Reminder on my shoes
And when I turn around all I can do is 
Cover myself
In ways to forget but mostly
Just in your love
The sea is more than engulfing
You're nearly always capsized
The wind is again unrelenting
Kick you around it will try
But when I turn around all I can see is the
Colour of gold
Dusted on everything really a sight 
To behold
The fire the haze the wire the blaze
The bliss of it the golden mist
And when I turn around all I can do is 
Cover myself
In ways to forget but mostly
Just in your love

This Goodbye

This goodbye
One of a million
We danced on the grass
That's now worn thin
That withers under another's gaze
This goodbye
That leaves me empty
Is cast on a breeze
That fails to pass the message
I look straight behind
And see you looking straight ahead
As if the goodbye
Wasn't even shared
The tools of trade that kept you in the workplace
Are carried off to unknown places
Passed along the line to be forgotten
A laugh that starts to be
A little harder to remember
A man who doesn't listen talks to himself
His words remind me of myself
Fading just like they do
This goodbye
Is my reminder
That even memory passes
This silent goodbye
The cats have gone
As if they knew
That all goodbyes
Are said anew
All of the dreams
We wordlessly shared
Don't cover the penny I offer
For your thoughts of this goodbye
Of this goodbye
That's all
You close your book for the last time
Soon those who have forgotten you 
Will themselves be forgotten

Last Night

Last night 
I woke 
Only to feel you breathing 
Feathering your face 
Steadily fading 
You were gone 
Slung in the space 
Between what you know 
And who you are 
Last night 
I cried 
You didn’t raise an eyebrow 
One thing you can do 
If we could trace 
A line 
From me to you 

Last night 
You said 
"If we could rise above this" 
Heart sign 
Till we both forget 
Light in the corner 
Leaks through 
In your smile 

Just for a moment 
I’ll have an answer 
It’s you