omnis enim musicis

mediadogs is a comfortably loose collective dedicated to producing quality music and artistic resources from ourselves and like-minded friends.  Founded by long-time musical partners Gordon Harvey and Tom MacGregor, we now feature a varied stable of musicians and other artists sharing their varying disciplines in always creative ways. 

We have begun dripfeeding the hungry public a series of compilation albums.  Check them out along with the rest of our fashionably minimalist catalogue on our Work page.

Video artist Louise Harvey has created a series of videos for Aquiline and Stellia.  Check out Stellia's Kadentzia below and more on her Portfolio page.

We are busily working on a number of projects.  Sign up to our mailing list for occasional discreet taps on the shoulder.


Music for the slow melt of permafrost, Stellia is the ambient project of Gordon Harvey and Robin Gist.  Their first album, Seven Cycles, is available as a CD/DVD which includes videos for all tracks and immersive Dolby 5.1 surround audio.  Once you've experienced music in surround, you'll never want to go back to the two-dimensional world of stereo!  Also, in a musical WORLD FIRST (we think), the surround videos are available for download!  And for a deeply meditative experience, tracks are being produced in extra-long remix versions of up to an hour.

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