The new Aquiline album is now available!  You can purchase the CD here via BandCamp, which also entitles you to streaming and download versions, plus a free bonus download exclusively for purchasers of the CD.  You can also purchase the download album or individual tracks at BandCamp or CD Baby.  Customers outside Australia/New Zealand can now also buy the CD from CD Baby for cheaper shipping.  The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.  Sign up to the mailing list for updates and receive yet another bonus track!
Buy the EP on CD (Australia only) or download from Bandcamp.

Fallen Sky


This collection of remixes and reimaginings from the A Square of Sky album gives us the opportunity to explore ambient and electronic soundscapes and develop new genres along the way! Including a premix featuring all-too-rarely-heard vocalist Christine Sullivan, a demix, and remixes by Brambles, Shep, Robin Gist and Gordon Harvey.

A mediadogs release.
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The debut Aquiline album from Bandcamp

A Square of Sky


With its subtle rhythms, rich textures and spacious playing, the music on this album takes its time to develop, embracing the listener in its emotional warmth.

The diversity of the tracks, ranging from jazzy grooves to spare, beautiful ambient soundscapes and delicate, atmospheric pop, belies its unity. This is a proper album, best listened to from beginning to end.
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Buyers outside Australia - purchase the CD from CD Baby.  You can also purchase downloads there.

Listen to Fallen Sky on Spotify.

The debut Aquiline album from CD Baby