STellia - phonography

The second full-length Stellia album ventures down a more organic path, featuring treated found sounds, delicate grooves and featured artists Biddy Connor (viola, octave viola), Tony Buchanan (alto flute) and Vincent Tarin (theremin).   Led of course by Robin Gist (guitar, keyboards) and Gordon Harvey (keyboards, basses, guitar, percussion)

Accompanied by an series of videos by Louise Harvey.  Visit to keep up to date with releases.

Music to accompany the slow melt of permafrost.

Available on Bandcamp and many other places.

Malalta from Phonography - video by Louise Harvey.  Visit for more, including some exclusive Stellia mixes!

Salt and skin - A MEDIADOGS chillcore COMPILATION

Drifting aimlessly above the space bounded by ambient and electronica, we are either too precious or too lazy to shoehorn ourselves into a specific genre.  The simplest solution to this state of statelessness is to simply create a new genre.

This album is the second in a series spanning our musical playing field, this time exploring quiet grooves and shifting soundscapes.  
 Including Aquiline, Stellia, shep, Hanging Garden, various members thereof, and more, including a large proportion of brand new and previously unreleased material.

Available on Bandcamp and many other places.


A compilation of artists from the mediadogs stable, including Aquiline, Stellia, mediadogs, Hanging Garden, various members thereof, and more, including a large proportion of brand new and previous unreleased material.

mediadogs is a loose collective of artists producing music in a variety of genres, but with a focus on the electronic, multi sonic and inadvertently ironic. This is the first in a series of compilations, focusing on ambient and atmospheric music. It includes some old material and a lot of brand new or previously unreleased delights.

Available on Bandcamp and many other places.

Stellia long mixes

A series of ultra-immersive mixes of Stellia works, clocking in at 40 minutes or more.  Find them here and await more!

Stellia - Seven Cycles

An album with some truly unique features. Music which could be used for meditation, but which avoids the cliches of the genre, making it engaging listening any time. Robin Gist (Girl Overboard, LaLoba) and Gordon Harvey (Laughing Hands, Aquiline), with the help of fine artists like Christine Sullivan, Vinod Prasanna and Daniel Farrugia, deliver emotionally moving ambient music. The DVD is presented in beautifully immersive Dolby 5.1 surround sound and includes meditative videos for each track. 

In a World First (to the best of our knowledge), the surround video/audio versions of all tracks are available as digital downloads for compatible systems.  Once you've experienced it, stereo will seem thoroughly two-dimensional.

Available at BandCamp and CD Baby

More info at Stellia

Aquiline - Fallen Sky

Our newest release sees Aquiline go deeper into ambient/electronic territory with an EP of remixes and reimaginings from the A Square of Sky album.  But don't expect a bunch of boring dance remixes - these tracks are inventive and emotive. 

Features one 'proper' song featuring the rarely-heard Christine Sullivan and mixes by Brambles, Shep, and more.

Listen and download and buy CD (Australia only) on Bandcamp

CDs: Outside Australia, buy at CDBaby

More info at Aquiline

Aquiline - A Square of Sky

Smudging the lines dividing ambient, jazz and alternative, Aquiline is its own genre and proud of it - Eno meets Elbow, Satie meets Sigur Ros, Jan Garbarek meets Anja Garbarek.

Although led by electronic music stalwart Gordon Harvey, Aquiline pursues traditional musical influences and enjoys the contributions of some of Australia's finest actualmusicians, such as Adam Simmons, Christine Sullivan, Imogen Manins, Robin Gist, Lisa Schouw, Simone Gill and more.

Listen, download or buy the CD (in Australia) on Bandcamp

Listen, download or buy the CD (outside Australia): on CDBaby

More info at Aquiline

Beyond the Borders

Beyond the Borders, the newest compilation from Ultima Thule Ambient, features the mediadogs track Droga composed by Gordon Harvey.  The album is a fine selection of the choicest cuts of grain-fed ambient and electronic music that we're proud to be a part of.