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mediadogs is a comfortably loose collective dedicated to producing quality music and artistic resources from ourselves and like-minded friends.  Founded by long-time musical partners Gordon Harvey and Tom MacGregor, we now feature a varied stable of musicians and other artists sharing their varying disciplines in always creative ways.


Check out our fashionably minimalist catalogue on our Music page.


Rust and Rain, the first of our mediadogs compilations is now available!  Check it out on Bandcamp right now and elsewhere soon!  This one focuses on our ambient work.  Forthcoming collections will focus on trance and adventurous pop sounds.

Stellia, the new project from Robin Gist and Gordon Harvey, has begun a series of remarkable releases.  Call it intelligent meditation music or fresh new ambient music, Stellia is "music for quiet" with a bunch of unique features.  Seven Cycles, the album, includes a DVD with seven tracks, each with contemplative video, presented in immersive Dolby 5.1 surround.  Once you've experienced it, you'll never want to go back to plain old stereo.  Of course, if you have to, the package includes a CD, and the tracks are also available for download and streaming.  And, in a World First (as far as we know), the surround editions are available for download for those with compatible equipment.  Check out Seven Cycles on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

And if that's just not enough, they have begun releasing the tracks as long mixes.  Try out the 60 minute mix of Anima by ambient guitar legend Disturbed Earth.  Contact us below and we'll let you know about further mixes as they appear.

Aquiline's new EP, Fallen Sky, is now available!  Featuring a mix of remixes, demixes and premixes with the assistance of the likes of Christine Sullivan, Brambles, Shep and Robin Gist.  Check the Music page for download and purchase options, and don't forget to feel the love!

Please enjoy Beyond the Borders, the newest compilation from Ultima Thule Ambient, featuring the mediadogs track Droga composed by Gordon Harvey.  The album is a fine selection of the choicest cuts of grain-fed ambient and electronic music that we're proud to be a part of.

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